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London Church Furniture has been building quality pews and other furnishings for over 57 years!


Our Mission: Manufacture the most comfortable, beautiful, durable, affordable pews in the industry, using locally grown lumber and local labor with a spirit of integrity and consideration for customers.

We are a true manufacturer taking raw material and making a finished product, installed, anchored and ready to use.

Please take a minute and check out some of our work. Many good seating suppliers exist, but I am confident that our quality would impress you and that our proximity would be an advantage.

We know in these tough times that replacing church furnishings may be cost prohibitive. We also re-upholster and re-furbish existing church pews whether made by us or other manufacturers as an economic alternative that can add beauty and functionality to your church at a much lower price.


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(Mailing Address)

London Church Furniture
PO Box 281
London, KY 40743

(Physical Location)

345 Sinking Creek Rd.
London, Ky 40741

L-10 Communion or Altar Rail

L-1 Pulpit

L-4 Table


FB-WF with Gothic Route and Cross R

LC-1 Cross R

L-20 Lectern

L504 Gothic Cantilever

L-310 Cantilever DD Route

L-75 Pulpit

Steeple diagram

L-400 Arm Chair Colonial

L-1 Lectern Colonial

L-501 (12") Cross R

LC Frontal Screen Colonail

Underseat Book Rack

L-303 No. 2 CAPS NO Routing


L-400 Arm Chair Oak

SC-FS Scroll Cap Full Size

L-2 Table Oak

L-100 Table

L-400 Lectern Colonial

L-104 Cantilever Cross O

Cantilever D-D Route

#2 Choir Chair


L-503 Route #3V

L504 Gothic

L-50 Lectern

London Church Furniture - Highway 80 London, KY 40743 - 800-249-2230

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